Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight, tried lots of diets? Nutritional Focus Wiltshire will help you have a healthier attitude to food, rather than trying another diet, we will work together to help you make gradual healthy lifestyle changes that are achievable and sustainable.

What you can expect from a consultation:

  • An initial hour consultation with the dietitian to discusses your current lifestyle, analysis of current intake, goals and aims
  • Your body weight, BMI, will be measured along with hip/waist ratio
  • Tailor made plans will be given to you on your first appointment
  • E-mail contact to help with motivation
  • Education and behavioural changes are an important part of the consultation.
  • Menu plans, recipes, snack lists, weight loss chart, temptation stoppers all appropriate to your lifestyle will assist you in restructuring your eating habits.
  • Methods to help you develop changes to your diet that will be long lasting not just a short term quick fix!