What is a dietitian

A dietitian is a qualified health professional who assesses, diagnoses and treats nutritional problems for individuals and at a public health level.

All registered dietitians have a university degree or post-graduate qualification which involves nutrition science theory and supervised training in both clinical and community settings.

The title ‘dietitian’ is protected by the Health and Care Professions Council. Dietitians are the only nutritionists who are regulated by law and governed by an ethical code. This ensures our work is maintained at the highest standard.

You can check if a dietitian is registered by visiting the HCPC online register:  www.hcpc-uk.org

Read more about Dietitians on the Association of UK dietitians website hereGif-Logo

What is a nutritionist?

The title ‘nutritionist’ is less defined, and is not protected, so anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. Some people will have a degree in nutrition and will be registered with the Nutrition Society, while others may not have any recoginsed qualifications.

Nutritionists work in all non-clinical settings such as industry, media, education and teaching. They work with people preventing disease and are qualified to provide information about food or healthy eating. They are not able to diagnose or provide special diets to individuals with specific nutritional related medical conditions.